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December 26, 2017

Christmas 2017 – Cow project update

Christmas 2017 - Update on our cow project
August 5, 2016

June 2011 trip

Compilation video of our 2nd mission trip to visit the kids in June 2011
August 1, 2016

Spring carnival charity dinner

Our major fundraising event this year is the Spring Carnival Charity dinner in September, 2016.

About us

Who we are

We are a non-profit charity organisation. Our motto is based on the Biblical teaching from James 1:27- "to look after orphans and widows in their distress".

Our focus is on making a difference and help to change lives of orphans and widows living in desperate circumstances in Viet Nam.

Our history

In mid-2008, a team of young passionate Vietnamese Australians joined forces to bring small gift packages to unfortunate orphans with ethnic backgrounds living around the Pleiku area of Vietnam. It was our first mission to reach and bring a smile upon these children living in poverty. Following this event, we decided to maintain strong dedication and commitment in helping these disadvantaged orphans.

Useful information

Frequently asked questions about ReachVN; what we do and how we work. If you have any other questions or queries please do not hesitate to ask or contact us.

  • Why ReachVN?
    ReachVN embodies our vision and that is to "Reach Vietnam"
  • When was ReachVN established?
    ReachVN legally registered in Australia as a non-profit charity organisation in October 2009, under the 1981 Incorporation Act, with registration number A0053691X.
  • What is ReachVN's mission?
    ReachVN helps with relief in emergency situations and works on the long-term survival of each child. Our programs and activities primarily seek to reduce suffering and transform lives for orphans and their families living in poverty.
  • Does ReachVN hold any political or religious beliefs?
    ReachVN is a Christian organisation with a non-profit, non-political, non-sectarian focus that aims to better the life conditions of disadvantaged orphans living in poverty.
  • Who are ReachVN's representatives in Vietnam and what are their roles?
    There are a team of volunteer passionate church representatives supporting orphans and leprosy colonies in Vietnam. Within this team there is one representative who regularly visits the orphans and does the administrative tasks and is the primary contact point for our team here in Australia.
  • How are funds transferred to sponsored children overseas?
    Funds are distributed to the children via the local project contact who distributes the money to each individual orphan's family. All payments are recorded and verified by each recipient.
    Our aim is to maximise the amount that gets distributed to the orphans. As such, we rely on direct money transfers as much as possible and avoid using 3rd party money transfer agents (such as Western Union) as this will incur administrative overhead. We want to "Reach Vietnam" directly while incurring as little cost as possible. Currently, we utilise money swapping agreements with church members in Vietnam that either have children studying in Australia, or have businesses/assets in Australia. This ensures that 100% of the donations we collect in Australia is directly transferred to Vietnam.
  • What is the annual administrative cost?
    Currently, our administrative cost is less than 1% of the total donated funds as our unpaid volunteers takes care of all the administrative tasks. However, we recognise the travelling expenses incurred from project work for our representative in Vietnam, hence she is supported by ReachVN quarterly with the amount of AUD $150.