December 26, 2017

Christmas 2017 – Cow project update

Christmas 2017 - Update on our cow project
August 5, 2016

June 2011 trip

Compilation video of our 2nd mission trip to visit the kids in June 2011
August 1, 2016

Spring carnival charity dinner

Our major fundraising event this year is the Spring Carnival Charity dinner in September, 2016.
June 1, 2016

Monthly relief support

We provide monthly relief support by giving AUD $8 to each family to buy rice, salt, & other essentials.
December 24, 2015

Annual Christmas gifts

Annually, during the Christmas period - we bring joy to the kids by supplying gift packages for each child.
April 17, 2013

Live stock project – “Giving a helping hand”

The aim of this project is to provide eligible families a helping hand.