Live stock project – “Giving a helping hand”

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December 24, 2015

There are many reasons why poverty exists within an individual or the larger community. One of the major factor is economic. Many poor people struggle to lift themselves out of poverty because they have few opportunities and assets to generate/increase their income. So breaking the cycle of poverty is often seen as hopeless and hard to achieve. While there is no single or simple solution, there are proven methods/strategies that remove obstacles to an improvement in living standards.

People often need a ‘hand’, not a ‘hand out’.


The aim of this project is to provide eligible families a helping hand, to help generate a sustainable income, knowledge, skills, and confidence, to find ways to solve their own problems and make their own decisions. Our focus is to help them to take sustainable and rewarding actions, enabling them to break the cycle of poverty and look towards a dignified and secure future.
A support systems will be implemented to give the families advice and guidance of which includes – setup/installation, ongoing maintenance, expansion and economics (income) potential, just to name a few.

Why cattle?

We have identified many means of generating income from the one source and at the same time not just benefiting the families but also the greater community.
For example:

  • Compost/Fertiliser – By using the cattle’s manure, it is able to be converted to compost/fertiliser, which can be sold to their community.
  • Breeding of the cattle – By breeding the cattle, families received additional income.
  • Continue education and training – Those looking to take this further eg, as a business, can seek education and training.
  • Diversification of providing new income sources – continuous and identifying innovate ways of generating potential income, eg. Consult to their community by teach others of their methods.
  • Working with their communities – Get more involved with their communities, eg. Markets, trading, etc…
  • Employment of locals – Hiring locals to build housing pens, fences, training families in raising the cattle, etc…
  • Apprenticeships and mentoring – Eligible kids undergo apprenticeships in farming, building, etc…
  • Financial management and Marketing – Learn how to budget and market their products and skills to their community.


This project is not for everyone, as it requires commitment by all participants. Those with 2 or more persons in a family with adult supervision are eligible. Having past the initial criteria, they would have to agree to terms and conditions set by ReachVN.

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